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2x Massage Clinic Bookings

Criterion Wellness

Multidisciplinary Wellness Clinic in Port Coquitlam Offering RMT, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Clinical Counseling, Nutrition Counseling.

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Massage Therapy Clinic

Here’s what the site looked like after we optimized for more bookings and appointments for RMT massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, custom orthotics, medical aesthetics and more.

Repairing a broken website

The owner of the RMT massage and therapy clinic approached us in June 2022 with an issue.

The agency that built their previous site left them with a:

  • website that was hard to edit
  • website that was locked to a subscription
  • website that was slow and crashed a lot if you pressed the wrong buttons
  • website that was not SEO optimized, and only brought in 1-2 new bookings / massage therapy appointments per month

Management was extremely busy, but something needed to be done fast, so the owner asked us to redesign their entire site.


Service Menu

At a glance, what does your business offer?

Sometimes customers don’t know what they need, but they definitely know what pain they have.

Service Menu

This video diagnosis tool can help customers learn about the solution your therapy clinic can provide to cure that pain.

Self Diagnosis Tool

Customers are more willing to buy when you clearly list the services you provide, so there is no confusion.

Video Landing Pages

Customers are more likely to book appointments with your therapists if

  • Customers know exactly what to expect
  • Customers know exactly how much they will need to pay
  • Customers know what benefit or reward they stand to gain from paying you

How is someone supposed to know what a treatment is going to be like before they visit your clinic?

This is why we use video landing pages:

What the client said about us

Here’s what the client said about our work, and the results of our Google Ads campaigns on the new website only 30 days after the website and campaigns went live. Needless to say, this client is still with us today.

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